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WordPress is the #1 CMS platform used all around the world, and powers over 26% of all websites. However, WordPress can also be quite slow. Take advantage of a Wordpress CDN with KeyCDN and supercharge your site.

A WordPress CDN Built for Performance

KeyCDN powers thousands of WordPress websites around the globe.

Easy Integration

KeyCDN developed the CDN Enabler plugin to easily integrate with WordPress in minutes. You can also use popular 3rd party plugins such as W3TC, Super Cache, and WP Rocket.

Fully Compatible

KeyCDN is fully compatible with all 3rd party web hosts such as Digital Ocean, Linode, Hostgator, and Bluehost. You can even run KeyCDN side by side with CloudFlare for better performance.

Global Network

Our strategically positioned servers around the globe supercharge your assets. More than 25 locations build strong presence for lower latency and higher throughput.

Simple Pricing

We offer transparent pricing and we do not charge extra for our advanced features. Custom SSL comes for free thanks to our integration with Let's Encrypt.

WordPress CDN Setup In Minutes

Deploying KeyCDN has never been so easy thanks to the WordPress CDN Enabler plugin.

KeyCDN developed and maintains the free WordPress CDN enabler plugin for the sole purpose of making the implementation of a CDN on your site effortless. The plugin allows you to enable CDN URLs for your static assets such as images, CSS or JavaScript files. Some of its additional features include the ability to include other directories, define exclusions (directories and extensions), as well as enable or disable the serving of assets over HTTPS (developed with HTTP/2 focus). Thanks to the plugin you can be turbocharging your WordPress content around the globe within a matter of minutes.

Accelerate WordPress Today

Speeding up WordPress has never been so easy.

KeyCDN believes in supporting the WordPress community. That is why KeyCDN has developed and maintains three WordPress performance plugins to even further optimize your site. The WordPress CDN Enabler plugin allows you to link your CDN assets. The WordPress Cache Enabler plugin allows you to cache your site. And the Optimus Image Optimizer plugin allows you to use lossless compression to optimize your images. Along with our plugins, you can also take advantage of additional advanced CDN features such as HTTP/2 support, Gzip compression, Instant purging, free SSL with Let's Encrypt, Origin Shield, and DDoS protection.

WordPress CDN

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