Website Performance

Got a slow-loading website? Improve your website performance to give your customers the best user experience. A fast website increases your bottom line and visitors will consider visiting more of your pages - speed matters.

Get the Best Website Performance

A CDN platform crafted with ease and simplicity in mind.

Instant Acceleration

Speed up your assets with a content delivery network that has been built from the ground up. 100% SSD-equipped edge servers and highly optimized TCP stacks deliver your content at lightning speed.

Reliable Delivery

We deliver your content fast and reliably to your customers. Our highly redundant content distribution network is mitigating DDOS attacks and built for secure content delivery. Strong SSL ciphers are used to assure data integrity.

Intelligent Network

Our network is operated on 3 performance layers to address low latency and high-throughput requirements. IP Anycast, geolocation routing and latency based routing decisions are chained in an innovative algorithm to provide the best CDN performance.

Real-time Reporting

It is crucial to continuously optimize website performance. The real-time statistics give you deep insight into your traffic pattern. A detailed file distribution breakdown highlights the top used files.

Analyze the Speed Metrics in Real Time

Track the acceleration of your website with our real-time statistics platform.

KeyCDN Website Performance Analytics

Speed up your website right now.