Video CDN

We offer an affordable way to deliver high resolution videos without delay.

We have engineered a high performance video CDN. Whether you are wanting to deliver videos on demand or HTTP live streams, our content delivery network ensures a lag free user experience. Our network is highly scalable and performance is never sacrificed, no matter the number of users.

Precisely manage who is accessing your videos. Our Secure Token feature makes it possible to limit access only for designated users. Hotlink protection makes the video exclusively available for the defined referrers.

All leading video and audio formats are supported including FLV (Flash), MP4 (HTML5 videos), MOV (QuickTime), WMV (Windows Media), MP3, and WAV. Our network can accelerate any type of video content.

Global network

We have 60+ data centers in 40+ countries spread across 6 continents.

Smooth playback

Optimized for all types of video and HTTP live streaming to prevent interruptions.

Safeguard content

Hotlink protection and token authentication keeps content private and secure.

Our video CDN has also been optimized for video players. We support features like video seeking and partial downloads. These features are automatically enabled to get the most out of your videos.

You can use KeyCDN's video CDN to help supercharge your HLS live stream. HTTP live streaming is a technology used for streaming live and on demand content using the HTTP protocol. HLS has many advantages, such as firewall and proxies being able to better handle the HTTP traffic, it is compatible with iOS devices, and does not require a flash web player for playback. KeyCDN offers an optimized HLS feature free for all customers which allows you to accelerate your HLS streams even faster. In most cases, live streaming based on HLS is better suited and recommended over RTMP.

Our video CDN requires no additional origin server configurations and is automatically available to all accounts.

Low pricing

Benefit from pay as you go billing and volume pricing as low as $0.01/GB.

Fast platform

Configuration updates only take a few minutes to be deployed across the globe.

No commitment

No contract required, allowing traffic volume to scale up or down at any time.

Get started for free

Try KeyCDN with a free 14 day trial, no credit card required.

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