Video CDN

KeyCDN ensures the bandwidth required for smooth playback of a video. Get rid of lagging, waiting or disruption during playback. Create an awesome media experience with our video CDN. Hand over video delivery to us and keep doing the things you love.

A Video CDN Built for HD and 4K Movies

Media delivery has never been easier.

Access Control

Precisely manage who's accessing the videos. The feature Secure Token offers a way to limit access only for users in possession of the token. Hotlink protection makes the video exclusively available for defined websites.

Media Support

All leading video and audio formats are supported including FLV (Flash), MP4 (HTML5 videos), MOV (QuickTime), WMV (Windows Media), MP3 and WAV. Our video CDN accelerates any kind of video content.

Video Features

Our video CDN has also been optimized for video players. We support features such as video seeking and partial downloads. These features are automatically enabled to get the most out of your videos.

Volume Pricing

The traffic volume for video delivery can add up quickly. Our volume pricing ensures the best prices as the monthly traffic volume grows. There is no need to enable any plans. The lowest prices are guaranteed.

Make video delivery easy and affordable

Start delivering your videos today.

You can use KeyCDN’s video CDN to help supercharge your HLS live stream. HTTP live streaming is a technology used for streaming live and on-demand content using the HTTP protocol. HLS has advantages such as firewall and proxies being able to better handle the HTTP traffic, it is compatible with iOS devices, and doesn't require a flash web player for playback. KeyCDN offers an optimized HLS feature free for all customers which allows you to accelerate your HTLS streams even faster. In most cases live streaming based on HLS is better suited and recommended over RTMP.

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