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WordPress CDN Integration with WP Fastest Cache

Updated on October 4, 2018

This article prvides instructions on how to integrate a WordPress website with KeyCDN using the WP Fastest Cache plugin.

  1. It is recommended to backup your WordPress website and database.
  2. Create a Pull Zone or Push Zone in the KeyCDN dashboard. In most cases, a Pull Zone is recommended as all the assets will be fetched from the origin server.
  3. Log into your WordPress admin dashboard and naviate to the WP Fastest Cache settings.
  4. Configure WP Fastest Cache with the following default settings (please note that the configuration for this part is not tested on all themes and websites, so certain websites may need a different configuration).
  5. Go to CDN tab and click Other CDN Providers.
  6. Enter your CDN URL, which is can be obtained from the KeyCDN dashboard once a Pull Zone is created. Followed by Origin URL, which should match your domain name (Origin URL) used in your Pull Zone configuration.
  7. Now chose which files you want CDN to serve from your website.
  8. You can then specify specific sources to be delivered from the CDN instead of all static assets. To do this, add keywords contained in the source URL as necessary.
  9. The next two windows acknowledges your CDN configuration and confirms that the CDN is integrated.
  10. Logout of your WordPress admin dashboard to verify that the designated website URLs have been rewritten to use the CDN URL.

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