WordPress CDN Integration with W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is a popular WordPress plugin with the purpose to help improve site performance. W3 offers many features such as WordPress CDN integration, browser caching, database object caching, minification, and so on. Along with all of the other performance features, using the W3 Total Cache CDN option will further improve the performance of your WordPress site and help reduce latency.

W3 Total Cache CDN Integration Steps

Follow the steps below to integrate our CDN into WordPress with the W3 Total Cache plugin.

  1. It is recommended to backup your WordPress site and database.
  2. Installation of the W3 Total Cache plugin (there are two options to accomplish this).
    • Download the W3 Total Cache plugin
    • Login to your WordPress administration dashboard
    • Browse to Plugins and click on “Add New”
    • Click on the Upload link below the title “Install Plugins”
    • Click on the “Choose File” button and browse to the W3 Total Cache plugin you have downloaded
    • Click on the “Install Now” button in order to install the extension
    • Click on “Activate” to enable the plugin


    • Log into your WordPress administration dashboard
    • Click on the Search link below the title “Install Plugin”
    • Enter W3 Total Cache in the input and click on “Search Plugins”
    • Press the “Select Install” now
    • Click on Activate to enable the plugin
  3. Browse to Performance tab (side menu) and click on “General Settings”.
  4. Scroll down to the CDN section.
  5. Check Enable and select Generic Mirror from “CDN Type” drop down.
  6. Click on “Save all settings”.
    KeyCDN W3 Total Cache Settings
  7. In the side menu under Performance or in the horizontal menu at top of the page click on CDN.
  8. Scroll down to the Configuration section and enter your Zone URL (e.g. lorem-1af.kxcdn.com) or CNAME in the input field. If you’re not using a CNAME you can retrieve the Zone URL by logging into the KeyCDN dashboard in the Zone section.
  9. Click “Save all settings”.
    KeyCDN W3 Total Cache Settings
  10. (Optionally) Go back to “General Settings”. Click on the Deploy button followed by the “Save all settings”.

If by clicking on Deploy you are forwarded to a page showing: “WordPress Failure Notice: Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again.” Click on Please try again. You should now see a yellow header at the top. Click on the Deploy button.

To verify that the plugin is properly implemented view the page source of your website. If your URL paths are showing the CNAME or Zone URL then you have successfully integrated the CDN into your website with W3 Total Cache.


Alternative WordPress Caching and CDN Plugins

W3 Total Cache is a popular Wordpress caching plugin however it comes with many additional features that many users may find confusion or unnecessary. The two WordPress plugins listed below are actively maintained and supported by KeyCDN. We recommend to use these plugins to make your WordPress site faster:


    1. Brian Jackson

      Hi Thomas, did you try changing it over to generic mirror under CDN settings? I just tested with W3TC Version and it works.

      1. Thomas Secher

        I have Version and under CDN only MaxCDN is available. The setting you describe is not available in my Total Cache? Very strange.
        // Thomas

        Disqus skrev:

        1. Brian Jackson

          By default yes MaxCDN is the only option they show under the CDN settings. But click on your sidebar and click into General Settings under Performance. Scroll down to CDN (these are two separate CDN settings). Then you should be able to change to Generic from the drop-down. Then when you go to CDN options like normal, you can then put in your KeyCDN URL.

          Hopefully that makes sense, they do make it a little confusing.

  1. Hans

    I have done everything like in this tutorial but URLs are not rewritten to CDN. If I start a mirror test in W3 Total Cache, it is successful. Also WP CDN Enabler does not work. What can I do?

    1. Jonas Krummenacher

      Make sure you don’t get the content from your local browser cache (hard refresh of the browser). It the issue remains, please open a support ticket.

  2. Out of the Humdrum

    It appears that when changing over to KeyCDN it takes some of the abiity to minify/combine scripts is taken away – or am I mistaken? It no longer shows me the various scripts where I can change the rendering options on them.

    1. Cody

      Do you mean within the “Minify” section of the W3TC plugin? All settings should still be available after adding KeyCDN to the CDN section.

      1. Out of the Humdrum

        The scripts are no longer found by the plugin when doing manual control – I’ll dig a bit more into it. Thanks

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