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WordPress CDN Integration with Comet Cache

Updated on October 4, 2018

This article prvides instructions on how to integrate a WordPress website with KeyCDN using the Comet Cache plugin.

  1. In order to use KeyCDN with Comet Cache, the Comet Cache Pro Version is required. Please buy the Pro Version and follow the installation steps.
  2. Create a Pull Zone or Push Zone in the KeyCDN dashboard. In most cases, a Pull Zone is recommended and all the assets will be fetched from the origin server.
    1. Go to your Zone settings and set the Ignore Query String setting to disabled.
    2. Get the KeyCDN Zone URL or the Zone Alias in the KeyCDN dashboard.
  3. Within WordPress, open the Comet Cache settings.
    1. Enable the Comet Cache plugin.
    2. Click "Yes, I want CDN filters applied w/ my configuration below".
    3. If you've configured Shared or Custom SSL in the KeyCDN dashboard, click on "Yes, I've configured my CDN w/ an SSL certificate; I need https:// enabled".
    4. Go to "Static CDN Filters" and enter the KeyCDN Zone URL or Zone Alias.
    5. Save all the settings.
  4. That's it! Go to the HTML of your WordPress website and check if the URLs have been rewritten.

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