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WordPress CDN Integration

Updated on November 8, 2021

This tutorial shows how to integrate a WordPress website with KeyCDN using our CDN Enabler plugin.

  1. Create a Pull Zone.
  2. Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard.
  3. Go to the CDN Enabler settings.
  4. Update the CDN Hostname setting with your Zone Alias (e.g. or Zone URL (e.g.
  5. Click Save Changes and Validate Configuration.
  6. If applicable, clear your WordPress cache.

That's it! We recommend verifying that the URLs have been rewritten properly, which can be done by checking the HTML in the page source or by running a Website Speed Test.

Note: CDN Enabler will only rewrite URLs in the HTML page. It doesn't rewrite URLs invoked in other ways, like through CSS or JavaScript files.

To have the ability to purge the CDN cache from your WordPress website, either from the admin bar or WP-CLI, connect your KeyCDN account with your API key and Zone ID. The API key and Zone ID can be obtained from the KeyCDN dashboard.

For more information about this plugin, like the available settings and hooks, please read the CDN Enabler documentation.

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