Typo3 CDN Integration with the smile_cdn Extension

Typo3 is an open source CMS used primarily by enterprises or for Intranet purposes. With a large, active community of 100,000 people in 48 Countries, this CMS offers great opportunities for both beginners and experts. Using a CDN to help further improve the global performance of your Typo3 installation, is an easy way to help keep your users happy by providing them with a better user experience.

This tutorial guides you through the Typo3 CDN integration with the smile_cdn extension. We used Typo3 6.2 LTS and smile_cdn verison 2.1.0 in the following example.

Typo3 CDN Integration

  1. Create a pull zone before you start with the Typo3 CDN integration.
  2. Login to the Typo3 backend.
    typo3 login
  3. Navigate to the Extension Manager and install the extension smile_cdn.
    typo3 get extension smile_cdntypo3 cdn install smile_cdntypo3 ext install success
  4. Configure the smile_cdn extensions by defining the CDN URL (without http(s)://) and the desired filters to offload your assets.
    typo3 cdn configure smile_cdn
  5. Flush the frontend caches in the Typo3 backend.
    typo3 flush cache
  6. Verify the source code to ensure that the assets are loading from KeyCDN.
    typo3 cdn verify

Another Typo3 CDN integration option is to use the cs_cdn extension which is based on smile_cdn. This extension replaces local file references with references to remote files, overwrites file links, and can delete KeyCDN files from cache. Read the TYPO3 Performance article for more information from the authors.

Supercharging Typo3 with a CDN Integration

With KeyCDN, supercharging your Typo3 Installation is done in a variety of ways.

  • KeyCDN offers HTTP/2 support on all edge servers to help improve speed and optimize content delivery.
  • Access to 24+ POPs allows site owners to deliver content to users globally. For large enterprise customers this not only helps reduce latency but is also cheaper as all static content is delivered via KeyCDN which
  • Instant Purge ability allows customers to purge by tag, by url, or purge everything. It only takes a few seconds until the cache is globally purged on all POPs

KeyCDN also offers many additional features and provides a list of useful tools to do everything from site speed tests to HTTP/2 server checks, and much more.


    1. Marc Hirdes

      cs_cdn works with TYPO3 7.6. Same functionality as smile_cdn, additionatly you can clear cache of CDN files in the backend.

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