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Sitefinity CDN Integration

Updated on October 4, 2018
Sitefinity CDN Integration

Sitefinity is a web content management and marketing platform. It's different from many common content management systems as it not only provides editors and content creators an easy to use UI for writing but it also allows users to track and analyze their marketing efforts through the customer journey. Although the CMS and marketing products are separate, they work in unison to help you advance your online presence.

Sitefinity currently serves as the platform of choice for many popular brands including Dannon, Fujitsu, and Air Asia. Depending on your needs, you may not require the full capability of what Sitefinity has to offer, which is why they provide customers the option of choosing from one of 3 main editions:

  • Professional
  • Online marketing
  • Enterprise

However, if you're using Sitefinity's CMS, web performance should be an important aspect to optimize. One way to do this is through using a CDN, or content delivery network. In this Sitefinity CDN integration guide, we'll show you how to easily deliver your Sitefinity static assets through a CDN to optimize performance.

How to setup a Sitefinity CDN integration

Configuring your Sitefinity CMS to deliver static content via KeyCDN is pretty simple. Follow the steps below and start speeding up your website's performance.

  1. Before starting the integration process, create a Pull Zone in your KeyCDN dashboard.
  2. Log in to your Sitefinity backend and navigate to Administration > Settings > Advanced > Libraries > Blob storage > Blob storage providers.
  3. Expand the node of the blob storage with which you want to use a CDN and click Parameters > Create new.
  4. In the Key field enter cdn.
  5. In the Value field enter the address to your KeyCDN Zone URL. For example: Or create a Zone Alias and enter your Zone Alias instead. For example:
  6. Click Save changes.
  7. Restart your web application.

That's it! Now check your page source to ensure that your static assets are using the Zone URL or Zone Alias instead of your origin URL.

Benefits of using a Sitefinity CDN setup

Now that your Sitefinity CDN integration is complete, your website will receive a boost in performance has content will be delivered from the nearest possible edge server instead of the origin. There also exist many other benefits to users who accelerate their Sitefinity sites with KeyCDN. This includes:

  • Access to our complete network of POPs for greater global availability and speed.
  • A CDN that supports Brotli for better compression results and smaller file sizes.
  • HTTP/2 support for reduced latency and optimized content delivery.
  • Free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates for a safer and faster website.

Check out KeyCDN's full list of features to learn more about the advantages Sitefinity users experience when integrating their site with KeyCDN.

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