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PrestaShop CDN Integration

Updated on October 4, 2018

PrestaShop is a free ecommerce solution written in PHP. About 250,000 shops worldwide are using PrestaShop. The shop solution was initiated in 2005 by French students and is now maintained by PrestaShop SA, located in Paris and Miami.

A slow PrestaShop website can have a significant impact on revenue. KeyCDN can solve that problem by supercharging PrestaShop websites. Once KeyCDN is integrated, the static content of a PrestaShop website is delivered from KeyCDN's infrastructure instead of the origin server; this will significantly lower latency and improve throughput. A request from an end client is always routed to the next available KeyCDN POP. PrestaShop natively supports a CDN integration, so there are no particular PrestaShop addons needed.

PrestaShop CDN integration

This article shows how to complete a PrestaShop CDN integration with KeyCDN.

  1. Create a Pull Zone.
  2. Log in to the admin panel of PrestaShop.
  3. Go to "Advanced Parameters" and click "Performance".
  4. Scroll down to the "CCC (Combine, Compress and Cache)" section and select the following choices as shown in this screenshot.
  5. Scroll down to the next section called "Media servers (use only with CCC)". In the field "Media Server #1" enter your CDN URL that you get from the KeyCDN dashboard (e.g. or alternatively you can use a CNAME/Zone Alias (e.g.
  6. Save all the settings.
  7. We recommend to check the HTML in order to make the PrestaShop CDN integration has been successful and all the URL have been rewritten. If there is any issue with the CDN integration, the KeyCDN support is available anytime.

The KeyCDN cache can easily be purged via the dashboard or the API. One can choose to purge the whole Zone or individual URLs, it only takes a few seconds to purge the content globally. The raw logs of the CDN can be forwarded to any IP. This allows you to further process and analyze the logs. Offloading traffic from the origin server to the CDN will significantly lower bandwidth consumption on the origin server. If the traffic volume on the origin server should be lowered even further, KeyCDN has developed the Origin Shield which lets a POP fetch content from other POPs instead of the origin server.

The benefits of using a CDN for your PrestaShop site

Once the PrestaShop CDN integration is completed, there are many benefits:

  • Access to all of our strategically placed POPs worldwide. We ensure that the assets are always loaded from the closest POP to ensure low latency and best throughput.
  • The pricing of KeyCDN is very transparent. There is no monthly fee. KeyCDN does not charge for HTTP request and there is no extra fee for HTTPS traffic.
  • KeyCDN also delivers content based on HTTP/2. The new protocol brings a number of advantages.

KeyCDN has launched awesome tools and is constantly expanding the knowledge base. Here are some important pages:

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