Perch CDN Integration

This tutorial shows how to complete a Perch CDN integration with KeyCDN.

  1. Create a pull zone before you start with the Perch CDN integration.
  2. Login to your Perch control panel here:
  3. Open this file: perch/config/config.php
    1. Search the following line:
      define('PERCH_RESPATH', PERCH_LOGINPATH . '/resources');
    2. Update the line to the following
      define('PERCH_RESPATH', '' . PERCH_LOGINPATH . '/resources');
  4. In case you have custom buckets list, then prefix the web_path for any buckets you want to serve from KeyCDN.
    1. Open this file: perch/config/buckets.php
    2. Search the following line:
      'web_path' => '/my/bucket/path',
    3. Update the line to the following
    'web_path' => '',
  • That’s it! You’re done with the Perch CDN integration.