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OpenCart CDN Integration

Updated on December 20, 2021

This tutorial shows how to complete an OpenCart CDN integration with KeyCDN.

  1. Create a Pull Zone or a Push Zone before you start the OpenCart CDN integration.
  2. Get the General CDN Solution web page extension from the OpenCart marketplace.
  3. Log in to your OpenCart admin panel. Navigate to Extensions -> Installer and upload your General CDN Solution extension.
  4. Navigate to Extensions. Under modules find Opencart CDN and click on Install(+).
  5. Edit the newly installed plugin.
    1. Enable SSL.
    2. Under Custom Domain enter your Zone URL that you get from the KeyCDN dashboard (e.g or the Zone Alias (e.g.
    3. Choose Yes for CDN Delivers Images, CDN Delivers JS and CDN Delivers CSS
    4. Save all settings.
  6. Go to Extensions -> Modifications. In the right top corner click on the refresh button.

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