MODX CDN Integration

This guide explains how to complete a MODX CDN integration. The following plugin will replace all local links for CSS, JS and image files (.jpg, .png and .gif) with your Zone URL. This plugin is compatible for MODX Revolution.

  1. It is recommended to backup your CMS before you start with the MODX CDN integration.
  2. Create a pull zone before you start with the MODX CDN integration.
  3. Login to your MODX login panel.modx-cdn-installation-login
  4. Go to “Extras” and click on “Installer”.
    modx cdn extras
  5. Download the “MODX KeyCDN Toolkit” and install the package.modx cdn downloadmodx cdn install
  6. Enter your KeyCDN API key, zone ID and default CDN URL, which you can obtain from KeyCDN dashboard.modx cdn setup options
  7. That’s it. Check the HTML source code as well to see if the static assets are delivered from KeyCDN.modx cdn integration verification
  8. Navigate to Extras > KeyCDN to check your usage.modx cdn usage