Linode CDN Integration

Linode is a flexible VPS provider that offers servers at different locations. A setup with Linode and KeyCDN is completed in just a few minutes. KeyCDN is the ideal solution for delivering content from Linodes since Linode does not offer a CDN as part of their service.

Configure a Linode as an origin server

Any web server can be used on Linodes. We can recommend Nginx or Apache, choose the web server that fits your needs. Once the Linode is operational and the installation process is completed, the URL of the origin server can be added in the KeyCDN dashboard to your pull zone. A HTTP header that you send from your Linode to KeyCDN will automatically be honored (if not specifically defined in the our dashboard).

Best practices when using a Linode as an origin server

  • The origin shield will reduce the traffic on your droplet. It’s available for free.
  • The feature X-Pull will allow you to restrict traffic on your origin server. You can filter KeyCDN traffic from other traffic.
  • The logs can be forwarded in real time to your droplet for further processing.