Kirby CDN Integration

This tutorial covers the CDN integration approach for the lightweight CMS Kirby. There is a Kirby CDN plugin available, which allows a straightforward integration of your Kirby installation into a CDN.

  1. Create a Pull Zone before you start the Kirby integration
  2. Download the Kirby CDN plugin and copy it into site/plugins
  3. Now update the Kirby configuration file site/config/config.php
    Kirby CDN Configuration - KeyCDN
    c::set('cdn.assets', '');
    c::set('cdn.content', '');
    c::set('cdn.thumbs', '');

    You can also disable the CDN by setting the values to false:

    c::set('cdn.assets', false);
    c::set('cdn.content', false);
    c::set('cdn.thumbs', false);
  4. Verify if your assets are loading from KeyCDN
    keycdn kirby cdn integration

Relevant Links

Kirby Loves CDN
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