How to create a CNAME in CloudFlare

This tutorial explains how to setup a CNAME in CloudFlare that can be used with KeyCDN by completing the following steps:

  • Create a zonealias in the KeyCDN dashboard
  • If you need HTTPS, enable Custom SSL and upload the certificate.
  • Login to CloudFlare and create a new CNAME. It’s important to disable the CloudFlare proxy (using the grey cloud, not the orange cloud). The record in CloudFlare should look like this: cname-in-cloudflare
  • Verify the new DNS record with the KeyCDN DNS Check. Simply type in the new DNS record (e.g. and check if the CNAME is correct.
  • You can also verify the download of a file (e.g. with the KeyCDN HTTP Check

That’s it! You’re now ready to use CNAMEs with CloudFlare.


  1. Thomas J Bradley

    I’m using KeyCDN to host a static website. And I’m using CloudFlare. I understand that CloudFlare isn’t necessary because it’s like a CDN in front of a CDN, but could you write a little explanation as to why it doen’t work when the orange CloudFlare cloud is turned on?

    1. Sven

      We didn’t check in detail why they fail to properly cache the assets. But they have also 2 other limitations when it comes to CNAME setups.

      1. CF has no DDoS protection against their DNS if it is a CNAME
      2. CF’s security and acceleration doesn’t work with CNAMEs

      So considering the 2 limitations and the problem that assets might don’t get cached (which in that case only increases latency due to additional RTTs) are the reasons to better turn their proxy off.

      1. Thomas J Bradley

        That makes sense. I was wondering because I couldn’t connect the Zone Alias until I realized that the orange cloud can’t be on.

  2. James

    hi. i’m new to keycdn and i’m just wondering, do i need this step to make cloudflare and keycdn work together? because right now, i have both cloudflare and keycdn plugins installed in my WP site. i don’t use any caching plugins.

    btw, i’m using the free version of cloudflare.

    1. Brian Jackson

      No. You only need to create a CNAME if you want to use a zonealias, like If you are just using the zone URL, like for example, there is nothing more required to make CloudFlare and KeyCDN work together, so you would be fine.

  3. nomoretechno .

    I am currently using cloud flare with a wordpress cache plugin and a clouflare plugin. my name servers are cloud flares. Is there any performance benefit of using keycdn alongside CF? If there is, do I just set the CNAMES to keycdn and then configure zones in the keycdn control panel? Do i need a WP plugin? or anything else?

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