ExpressionEngine CDN

expressionengine cdn

ExpressionEngine is a content management system (CMS) developed by EllisLab. It includes a wide range of features and be used for a variety of purposes including e-commerce, blogging, etc. This integration guide will walk through step-by-step how to use an ExpressEngine CDN setup.

How To Complete an ExpressionEngine CDN Integration

Having a fast loading website is beneficial for a variety of reasons. Follow the steps below to supercharge your ExpressEngine site.

  1. First, create a Pull Zone within your KeyCDN dashboard.
  2. Next, open the index.php file located in your root folder. We are going to create a global variable to be used when calling any static resources from within the ExpressionEngine templates.
  3. Search for the following snippet:
    // $assign_to_config['global_vars'] = array(); // This array must be associative

    Uncomment the above snippet and modify it to resemble the following:

    $assign_to_config['global_vars'] = array('cdn_url' => '');

    Replace “” with your Zone URL or Zonealias.

  4. Now, when creating templates use the {cdn_url} variable, for example: {cdn_url}uploads/image.jpg
  5. Check your HTML page source to ensure that your assets are in fact using the CDN URL. expressionengine html

Benefits of using an ExpressionEngine CDN Setup

Now that your ExpressionEngine CDN integration is done, your website will receive a boost in performance and a reduction in latency. Many additional benefits also exist to users who accelerate their ExpressionEngine project with KeyCDN:

KeyCDN also offers many other features and advantages to users who implement an ExpressionEngine CDN integration.