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EpiServer CDN Integration

Updated on October 4, 2018
EpiServer CDN Integration

EpiServer offers a variety of products including a CMS solution, a commerce solution, and a personalization product. In this guide, we'll be working with the CMS portion of EpiServer. EpiServer CMS allows marketers to work seamlessly with their content and manage marketing campaigns under the same umbrella.

EpiServer has some big name brands behind it including Pizza Hut and Mazda who said to have seen bookings increase by 32% and engagement improve by 200% respectively. EpiServer however, is not open source, and it requires that you schedule a demo to see how to works in the backend.

That being said, if you already have an EpiServer website or would like to create one, you may be looking for ways to improve its performance. One way to do that is with an EpiServer CDN integration. This guide will show you how you can accelerate the delivery of your EpiServer site's static content with the help of KeyCDN's global network of edge servers.

How to setup an EpiServer CDN integration

  1. Before starting the integration process, create a Pull Zone in your KeyCDN dashboard.

  2. Install the EpiServer.CDNSupport add-on using one of two methods outlined in EpiServer's add-on documentation.

  3. Add the following snippet of code your to EpiServer's configuration file:

        <add key="episerver:CdnExternalMediaUrl" value=""/>
  4. Be sure to replace with either your KeyCDN Zone URL or Zone Alias.

  5. Check your site's page source to verify that the static assets are coming from the CDN URL instead of the origin.

Benefits of using an EpiServer CDN setup

Now that your EpiServer CDN integration is complete, your website will receive a boost in performance as content will be delivered from the nearest possible edge server instead of the origin. There also exist many other benefits to users who accelerate their EpiServer sites with KeyCDN. This includes:

  • Low volume-based pricing
  • Access to our complete network of POPs
  • A CDN that supports Brotli for better compression results and smaller file sizes
  • Free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates for a safer and faster website

Check out our full list of features to learn more about the advantages offered to clients who use KeyCDN as their content delivery network provider.

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