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DigitalOcean CDN Integration

Updated on October 4, 2018

DigitalOcean is a popular VPS provider that can be used as an origin server. KeyCDN works seamlessly with a DigitalOcean Droplet and it only takes a few steps to setup a Droplet. DigitalOcean does not offer a CDN as part of their service, so KeyCDN is the ideal performance solution in order to optimize loading time.

Configure a Droplet as an origin server

Any web server can be used on the Droplet. We can recommend Apache or Nginx based on your needs and your environment. Once the Droplet is operational and the installation process is completed, the URL of the origin server can be added in the KeyCDN dashboard to your Pull Zone. KeyCDN will honor the HTTP headers that you define on your origin server.

Best practices when using a Droplet as an origin server

  • The feature X-Pull will allow you to restrict traffic on your origin server. You can filter KeyCDN traffic from other traffic.
  • The Origin Shield will reduce the traffic on your Droplet. It's available for free.
  • The logs can be forwarded in real time to your Droplet for further processing.

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