concrete5 CDN Integration

This guide shows how to complete a concrete5 CDN integration.


  1. It is recommended to backup your CMS before you start with the concrete5 CDN integration.
  2. Create a pull zone or a push zone before you start with the concrete5 CDN integration.
  3. Install one concrete5 CDN add-on. There are a number of add-ons available. Here are 3 of them.
    • CDN Manager let’s you integrate KeyCDN. A single licence costs $20.
    • Content Delivery Network Manager is an alternative to the add-on above. A single licence costs $45.
    • There’s also a add-on called Use CDN that rewrites your local URL with the CDN URL. The add-on is free.
  4. During or after the installation of the add-on, you need to enter the CDN URL that you get in the KeyCDN dashboard (e.g. The static assets will then be delivered from the CDN.
  5. This is it with the concrete5 CDN Integration. Once you’ve installed the concrete5 add-on and saved all the settings, you’re done!
  6. We recommend to quickly check the HTML code in order to verify if all the URL have been rewritten properly.