1. Jonas Krummenacher

    That’s not even $2.5 per month. Is it really that much of an issue?
    You benefit from an infrastructure where also small customers should pay a fair share.
    Note that other CDNs have much higher min. payments or even a monthly fee.

  2. winhelponline

    I thought the same thing first…really.
    For smaller sites that don’t use much bandwidth, AWS CloudFront might be an option, but configuring Cloudfront is not that easy for beginners, when compared to KeyCDN configuration. And, in order to block bots in Cloudfront, you may need to use an additional service (Amazon WAF). This step is not needed in KeyCDN, as it’s taken care of, in the package https://www.keycdn.com/blog/block-bad-bots/

    Pricing comparison:
    (I’d say KeyCDN pricing is impressive.)

    Just my 2 cents.

    Note: I’m not a customer of KeyCDN, but I find their pricing far better, and the speed is impressive when I tested. I’m planning to switch over to KeyCDN.

    OT: KeyCDN’s blog posts are very helpful unlike the usual “optimization” articles on the web, and their Cache Enabler plugin is super awesome.

  3. Dave Warfel

    Hey guys,

    I just got an email reminding me that my credits expire in 7 days. I setup automatic payments way back when I started, at the amount of $29 USD. Now it looks like your minimum payment is $49 USD.

    Will my automatic payment kick in and charge me $29 USD so that my service isn’t disrupted? Or do I have to make a manual payment?

    And if I have to make a manual payment, must I do so in the amount of at least $49 USD? I’m only using about $1.50 worth of credits/yr.

    1. Cody

      If you setup the automatic payments when the minimum payment amount was $29 then that is what will be charged when your account balance reaches 0 (your service won’t be disrupted). If you were to make a manual payment then yes the charge would be min $49.

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