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b2evolution CDN Integration

Updated on October 4, 2018

This tutorial shows how to complete a b2evolution CDN integration with KeyCDN.

  1. Create a Pull Zone before you start with the b2evolution CDN integration.
  2. Use your CDN URL e.g. for the next steps.
  3. One single file needs to be edited in order to set the path variables to point to the CDN location: blogs/conf/_advanced.php
  4. Define a new variable at the beginning of the file:

    $cdnurl = '';
  5. Replacing the following variables in the code:

    Old New (Replace)
    $rsc_url = $baseurl.$rsc_subdir; $rsc_url = $cdnurl.$rsc_subdir;
    $skins_url = $baseurl.$skins_subdir; $skins_url = $cdnurl.$skins_subdir;
    $media_url = $baseurl.$media_subdir; $media_url = $cdnurl.$media_subdir;

That’s all. Check the HTML if all the URLs have been properly rewritten.

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