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Azure Blob CDN Integration

Updated on December 20, 2021
Azure Blob CDN Integration

Azure Blob storage is an option for storing your content in the cloud. Similar to our Push Zone or to Amazon's S3 offering, Blob storage acts as an origin server that's able to store your content safely and in a scalable way. Azure's Blob storage comes in three different tiers: Hot, Cool, and Archive. Archive and Cool tiers should be used for rarely and infrequently accessed data. The Cool tier has a lower availability SLA than the Hot tier.

That being said, regardless of the storage tier you choose, you can accelerate your content with an Azure Blob CDN integration. This guide will walk through step by step how to integrate your Blob's storage content with KeyCDN to accelerate it globally.

Azure Blob CDN integration

  1. Log in to your Microsoft Azure portal

  2. Select Storage accounts and create a new account if you haven't already

  3. Once the storage account is created, select it and scroll down to Blob Service > Containers

  4. Create a new container and set the Public Access Level to "Blob"

  5. Upload content to your Blob's container

  6. Test the accessibility of your container's assets with the Primary blob service endpoint, available under Storage Account > "blob name" > Overview Use the following format:
  7. Once everything is delivering properly from Azure, you can then accelerate it via KeyCDN. Log in to your KeyCDN dashboard and create a new Pull Zone

  8. Use your primary Blob service endpoint as the Origin URL and define any settings you want.

  9. Wait for the Zone to deploy and test that the asset is accessible via the KeyCDN Zone URL or Zone Alias (if you've configured one). For example:

Benefits of using a CDN with Azure Blob

Whether you're storing content on an Azure Blob as a backup or as your primary storage solution it's vital to accelerate that content globally. This allows for users to experience low latency regardless of where they are visiting from. There exists many benefits to users who accelerate their Azure Blob content with KeyCDN:

  • Access to our complete network of POPs for greater global availability and speed
  • HTTP/2 support for reduced latency and optimized content delivery
  • Low pricing that decreases with volume
  • Let's Encrypt support that allows you to establish an SSL secured connection between our edge servers to your users, free of charge.

KeyCDN also offers many other features and advantages to users who implement an Azure Blob CDN integration to accelerate their content.

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