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Account Access Rules

Updated on October 4, 2018

KeyCDN offers the ability to add account access rules in order to restrict access based on IP or Network. This helps increase security by allowing only the users with the specific IP / Network defined in your settings to access your KeyCDN account.

Ensure that you account for your own IP / Network when adding the first access rule. Otherwise you will be immediately logged out.

  1. From the KeyCDN dashboard, navigate to the Account Settings > Access Rules tab.
  2. Select the Add Rule button and define the Network (e.g. /24) or IP (e.g. /32) address you would like to allow access to, then click Add.
  3. That’s it. Your account will now only be accessible via the IP or Network defined in the step above.

You may add multiple rules to allow various IP addresses or network ranges to access your KeyCDN account based on your needs. Rules can also be edited to change their status from enabled to disabled and vice-versa as well as be deleted directly from the Access Rules page.

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