Software Distribution

Has the demand of your software suddenly increased on your servers? Then it is time for the next level of software distribution. We are the content delivery experts that assure fast downloads of your software or firmware updates on an extreme scale.

Deliver Software Fast & Reliably to your Customers

Our optimized edge servers handle your software updates and firmware releases.

Instant Delivery

The software packages you upload to our storage clusters are instantly delivered to your clients. Your software will be instantly synchronized to the global edge locations.

Storage Synchronization

We provide you the tools to securely and automatically upload your content to our storage clusters. Use FTPS or rsync over SSH to transfer your data into the software distribution network.

Optimized Edge Servers

Our highly optimized software delivery platform give you the scalability and reliability you need. An optimized TCP stack and 100% SSD coverage on all our servers make downloads even faster.

Volume Discounts

Storage and traffic pricing is dependent on your monthly volume. The unit prices decrease significantly the higher the volume is per month. Benefit from the economies of scale effect.

Software Delivery at Massive Scale

Your software packages simply synchronized and reliably delivered to your customers.

Software Delivery

Get the fastest Software Delivery network!