Private CDN

We offer a secure content delivery network with privacy in focus.

Looking for a private CDN? As a Swiss company we understand what privacy means to you. Our content delivery network has been developed in Switzerland with privacy in mind. We use the highest security standards when processing all data and never sell or share this information.

We provide a variety of security-focused features to help keep your data secure. Shared SSL, Let's Encrypt SSL, and Custom SSL are available for everyone. It doesn't cost extra and can be implemented within minutes.

We also offer a number of important security features such as Secure Token and hotlink protection. This will keep your content private. Moreover, our block bad bots feature allows customers to save on bandwidth costs and block bad bots, spiders, and scrapers from crawling your CDN assets.

Using a private CDN to secure your CDN data is important, however users need to also ensure their accounts are protected. That's why we also provide users with account security features such as two-factor authentication, account access rules (restrict by IP address), and account notifications.

We have various security settings that allow a flexible level of data protection without sacrificing performance. Given that privacy is such an important topic, it's vital to take advantage of the security features within all levels of your application. KeyCDN's private CDN is built with security in mind so that you can rest assured your data and account are protected.

TLS certificate

Use a Let's Encrypt, shared, or custom TLS certificate for all HTTPS requests.

Restrict access

Two-factor authentication and IP address access rules prevent unauthorized access.

Safeguard content

Hotlink protection and token authentication keeps content private and secure.