Open source CDN

We deliver open source software at speed and scale.

At KeyCDN we love open source and feel strongly about giving back to the community. We use a lot of open source software in our own projects and understand the importance of providing continued support to help make the internet more fast and secure.

We realized that developers put in a lot of time and effort into their open source projects and we truly appreciate it. Without open source, many great projects would not exist or even be available to the general public due to costs associated with using that project. Open source projects encourage creativity and drive innovation which are two things we are very passionate about.

As open source contributors ourselves, we realize the impact that an open source project can have on the community. Having support from other parties can greatly increase the quality and deliverability of an open source project. In turn, more people will use the project and you can watch it flourish.

Do you currently maintain an open source project and need a CDN? We are committed to contributing to open source projects by providing free CDN accounts. Use a free KeyCDN account in your open source projects to optimize the delivery of your content. Whether it be all the static assets on your website or a link to an open source library you want to accelerate for your users. Please contact us to get started.

Global coverage

Achieve impeccable performance for all users no matter the total quantity or geographical location.

Instant purge

Use our robust API or dashboard to purge the entire cache or individual content instantaneously.

Detailed reports

Access valuable content delivery insights to make better decisions and improve the user experience.

Projects we support

We are committed to contributing back to the community.

Meteor is a free and open source JavaScript framework for web, mobile, and desktop. It allows apps to be built with less lines of code for any device.

webpack is a free and open source JavaScript module bundler. It allows nearly any file to be transformed or bundled to then be used on the web.

FreeNAS is a free and open source network-attached storage software. It allows a unified file and block storage, VM, and Docker system with many features.

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