Global CDN

Get access to our strategic content delivery locations around the world.

The world has over 4 billion internet users, which is over 50% of the population (Internet Live Stats). With this percentage of the population regularly accessing the internet it has become critical to utilize a global CDN. Our content delivery network ensures data is accessed from the closest geographical location, significantly decreasing latency.

That's why our content delivery network is built on IP anycast and our latency based routing technology. Regardless of where your visitors are located, KeyCDN will deliver them content from the nearest POP at lightning speed.

Our network of POPs are strategically distributed across the globe to offer the greatest amount of coverage. Often situated in populated city hubs, each POP is optimized for speed so that no matter where your visitors are situated, they will be delivered content fast.

Being that KeyCDN is a global CDN provider, we are constantly monitoring all of our POPs to assure they are running at peak performance. In the event that you have an issue with any of our POP locations, we have support staff online 24/7 to help troubleshoot any issue or answer any questions you may have. Furthermore, our status page provides detailed information about any maintained being done so that you can stay up to date at all times.

A global CDN is only as strong as its foundation. We keep strict data center standards and never sacrifice quality to cut costs. We will always remain a premium network and only expand where true value can be added.

Low latency

Tier 1 network backbone and premium hardware ensure fast data transfers.

24/7 support

Our professional technical support team is available every day of the year.

Global network

We have 34 data centers spread across 6 continents and 25 countries.