Game & App Delivery

You need a scalable and reliable content delivery solution for your game or app? We provide you with a game and app distribution solution you can rely on. Our global distribution network delivers your games or apps at scale. We assure fast data transmission to your customer's mobile devices or any other endpoint.

Fast Game & App Delivery at Scale

Keep your customers engaged due to faster loading apps and games.

Instant Control

Instantly purge your app or game packages once you have released a new version. Immediately create content delivery instances that fit the requirements of your gaming app. Use FTPS or rsync over SSH to synchronize your app content.

Highly Scalable

Take the load off your origin server. Supercharge your content with our scalable and reliable content distribution network. Demand for web apps or games can explode over night, which makes scalability extremely important.

Global Distribution

Strategically located edge servers transmit your data at high throughput and eliminated latency to your customers. An architecture built in Europe from square one with high performance and scalability in mind.

Real-time Statistics

Our dashboard provides you with real-time statistics to gain deep insights on your traffic pattern. Demanding assets of your app or game can be easily identified and if needed optimized for faster delivery to your clients.

Accelerate your App Distribution with a Few Simple Steps

Features such as Origin Shield, HTTP/2, GZIP compression and many others boost your gaming content.

Fast Game and App Delivery

Simplified app delivery built to scale!