CDN Features

Content Delivery Simplified

Supercharge your website to provide an exceptional user experience.

CDN Control
Full Control

Easy pay-as-you-go pricing with full control over your assets using our powerful management dashboard and RESTful API.

CDN Speed
High Performance

Crafted with a focus on high performance, customized TCP stack, and highly optimized IP Anycast and geolocation routing.

CDN Security
Reliable & Secure

Requests are routed to the nearest available POP, while providing industry-leading encryption standards and two-factor auth.

HTTP/2 Faster delivery
Free SSL Fully automated
100% SSD Low latency
Instant Purging Developer friendly

Advanced Features

Everything you need for efficient content delivery.

Boost your content with a Pull or Push Zone and deliver your assets super-fast on any device. Our edge servers “pull” the static content from your server with a Pull Zone in order to cache it and serve it accelerated from our edge servers. A Push Zone is the right choice for you if you prefer to upload your assets to KeyCDN. The Zone configurations are globally applied within minutes.

General Features
HTTP/2 HPACK Compression (Huffman Encoding)
GZip compression Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)
Use your CNAMEs Force downloads
Custom expire headers Live tail on your logs
Raw log forwarding in real time Custom rules
Byte-range requests for HTTP streaming HLS and HTTP streaming support
Security Features
Hotlink protection (restriction of HTTP referrer) Secure Token (secured URL)
Shared SSL (TLS) Custom SSL (TLS)
Let's Encrypt SSL (TLS) OCSP stapling
Block bad bots DDoS protection
Pull Features Push Features
Instantly purge zone caches or single URLs Upload content to your FTP account
Origin shield FTP subusers
Override origin cache-control headers Synchronize content with rsync
Override origin expire headers Enabled directory listing
Strip cookies Enabled directory index
Enable canonical headers Optimized for large files
Custom request HTTP header field (X-Pull)
Custom robots.txt
Cache Brotli compressed assets
Cache query strings

Learn more in our technical FAQ.

Easy Integration into your Infrastructure!

Integration Tutorials

We support the following Content Management Systems and more.

Detailed guides help you to cdnify your developer Framework.

KeyCDN is a high-performance Content Delivery Network (CDN) and is one of the most affordable content delivery services on the market. Our CDN allows you to instantly accelerate your content.

Powerful Management Dashboard

You get full control over your assets. Real-time statistics and high configuration flexibility.

General Features
Real-time reporting Manage Zones and Zonealiases (CNAMEs)
Account usage in near real-time PDF invoices
Responsive UI for mobile and tablet Multiple FTP-user accounts
Email change alerting RESTful API
Two-factor authentication Account access rules

Changes in the dashboard are active in minutes.

KeyCDN Dashboard

CDN analytics in real-time.

Speed up your website right now.