Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to sign a long-term contract?
Do I need a credit card to get started?
Does KeyCDN have an API?
How is KeyCDN different compared to other CDN providers?
Do you accept adult content to be hosted on the CDN?


What is a Zone?
What is a Pull Zone?
What is a Push Zone?
How long does it take to deploy the Zone settings to the POPs?
Do you support shared or custom SSL certificates?
Do you support CNAMEs?
Is it possible to clear (purge) the Pull Zone cache?
Is it possible to clear (purge) a single URL in a Pull Zone?
Can I cache dynamic content?
How do I upload my content to a Push Zone?
Can I use KeyCDN in a multi-CDN solution?


Is there a monthly fee?
How much is the minimum payment?
How is traffic calculated?
How is storage billed?
What is the cost for custom SSL?
What happens if a file is only partially downloaded?
What is a credit?
Do credits expire?
Will I receive notifications if I'm low on credits?
What happens when I run out of credits?
What threshold does the recharge execute at?
What happens if the auto-payment fails?
Are credits refundable?
How can I cancel or terminate my account?