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Is a contract required?

No, our service is pay as you go and can be cancelled at anytime.

Is a credit card required?

No, we offer a free 14 day trial to allow a proper evaluation of our service.

How is KeyCDN different?

We have built our content delivery architecture from the ground up to be fast, scalable, and reliable. We provide the best CDN solution possible and make a great Cloudflare alternative. Learn more from this CDN comparison.


What is a Zone?

We call our CDN instances Zones. Each Zone has an independant configuration and cache. The available types of Zones are a Pull Zone and Push Zone.

What is a Pull Zone?

This Zone type pulls content from an origin server and caches it on our edge servers. This is most commonly used Zone type and in most cases is the recommended option.

What is a Push Zone?

This Zone type requires content to be uploaded to our CDN storage cluster and then caches it on our edge servers. This Zone type is required for all content larger than 100 MB.

How long does a Zone deployment take?

It takes a few minutes for any new or updated configurations to be deployed across our entire network.

What TLS certificates are supported?

We support the use of Let's Encrypt, shared, or custom TLS certificates for all HTTPS requests.

Is a custom subdomain supported?

Yes, a custom subdomain can be used by configuring a CNAME as a Zone Alias.

Is it possible to purge the CDN cache?

Yes, instantly purge the entire cache or individual content by URL or response header tag.

Is dynamic content caching supported?

Yes, in most cases dynamic content can be cached.

Is video streaming supported?

Yes, we offer a video CDN solution by optimizing your HLS streams.

Can KeyCDN be used in a multi-CDN strategy?

Yes, our network can be combined with existing CDN infrastructures, like Akamai CDN or a private CDN.

Is an API available?

Yes, we have a RESTful API available for full programmatic account control.


What is a credit?

1 credit is equal to $1. Credits are used for billing purposes.

Do credits expire?

No, credits do not expire.

Are credits refundable?

No, credits are nonrefundable.

Is there a minimum usage?

Yes, the minimum usage is $4 per month.

Is there a minimum payment?

Yes, the minimum payment is $49.

What is a minimum payment?

To use KeyCDN credits must be purchased. Account usage is then deducted from the credit balance. The minimum amount of credits that can purchased is $49.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept credit card, PayPal, and bank wire transfer.

Are automated payments supported?

Yes, payments can be made automatically in the predefined amount by credit card.

When is an automated payment triggered?

An automated payment occurs once the credit balance reaches 0.

Are there credit balance notifications?

Yes, we send 3 separate notifications. You are allowed to have up to a -40% balance of your last payment before content delivery will stop. The first occurs once your balance reaches 0, the second occurs if your balance reaches -20% of your last payment, and the last occurs once your account has been set to inactive and content delivery has been suspended. The final notification will be sent no later than 7 days from the first notification.

What happens when credits completely run out?

If an automated payment is enabled the predefined credit amount will be automatically purchased. If an automated payment fails or is disabled then negative balance notifications will be sent. If no additional credits are purchased before the third and final notification then content delivery will stop.

How is traffic calculated?

The exact outbound bandwidth from our edge servers measured in bytes.

How is storage billed?

Pull Zone storage has no additional cost. Push Zone storage starts at $0.12/GB per month and is charged on a daily basis.

How much does a TLS certificate cost?

Nothing, all supported TLS certificates have no additional cost.

How much does a Zone cost?

The first 3 Zones are included for free. Each additional Zone is $1 per month.

How much do HTTP and HTTPS requests cost?

Nothing, all requests have no additional cost.

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