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KeyCDN is a high-performance Content Delivery Network architecture and is one of the most affordable content delivery network providers on the market. Supercharge your website around the globe.

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API, Raw Logs, HTTP/2, Free Custom SSL, Real-time Analytics and many more.

Simple Pricing

We offer a simple pay as you go program and an affordable pricing. We do not charge extra for our advanced features. Custom SSL comes for free.

Global Network

Our strategically positioned servers around the globe supercharge your assets. More than 25 locations build strong presence for lower latency and higher throughput.

CDN Technology

We provide you with advanced content delivery technologies such as HTTP/2, Origin Shield, OCSP stapling or real-time raw log forwarding. We are passionate about constantly improving our CDN technology stack to assure an exceptional user experience.

High CDN Performance

Our platform has been built by our CDN engineers with focus on the best CDN performance. A customized TCP stack and 100% SSD optimized edge servers is standard. Our routing is highly optimized based on IP Anycast and geolocation routing.

What is a Content Delivery Network?

A Content Delivery Network (or CDN) is a system of globally positioned edge servers.

These edge servers maintain cached copies of the content (such as images, CSS, JS), which is retrieved from the closest physical location. Since the data travels a shorter distance, this results in reduced latency and faster load times. Caching accounts for a major part of a CDN’s functionality. Subsequent visitor requests for static assets will be delivered from the edge server's cache, instead of the origin, thus reducing origin load and improving scalability. Other features such as Gzip compresses your assets, decreasing their size, before sending them to your visitors. CDN’s also can deliver HD video, 4K content, as well as a multitude of other files.

Global Content Delivery

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We have seen customers reduce their latency by over 70%.

Latency can be defined as the round-trip time from the browser to the server. When it comes serving up your content around the globe in a fast and efficient manner, website latency becomes very important. Content delivery over long distances with traditional fiber optics slows down as the cable, repeaters, and amplifiers introduce delays; as well as unnecessary ISP hops. You can never get past the fact that there is physical distance involved, which limits your speed. However, by implementing a content distribution network you can reduce latency and packet loss by ensuring your web assets are delivered from edge servers located closer to your visitors.

Content Delivery Network

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Content Delivery Network Analytics

A 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. Kissmetrics

Benefits of a Content Delivery Network

The main goals of a CDN are about speed, scalability, security, and high-availability.

A CDN will bring performance improvements whether you run a small site or something on a larger scale. On average, 80% of a website consists of static resources. Therefore, when using a CDN, there is much less load on the origin server. Other advanced CDN features such as origin shield can reduce that load even more by adding an extra caching layer. You can also take advantage of faster speeds due to optimized HTTP/2 supported edge servers using a customized TCP stack and HPACK compression with Huffman encoding. We’ve performed tests to compare the latency with and without a CDN and saw (on average) a decrease in latency of 73%.


Speed is one of the most important benefits from implementing a content delivery network. Content is cached around the world. The shorter distances to users will not only reduce latency but also minimize packet loss.


Offloading traffic to a content delivery will make it easier to manage traffic spikes and scale up or down within a short amount of time. This will result in less load on your server and help minimize any downtime.


KeyCDN offers industry-leading encryption standards. We make it easy for you to setup and configure security settings. We also closely mitigate DDoS attacks in the background to help keep our users’ websites safe.


Requests to your website are always routed to the nearest available location. If one server is not available, requests are automatically sent to the next available server. This creates automatic redundancy.


Google uses load time as a ranking factor. Using a content delivery network can help increase your rankings in SERPs by decreasing your bounce rates and also to index your image assets faster in Google image search.

Lower Costs

Lower costs further with advanced CDN features like origin shield, hotlink protection, and blocking bad bots. Most CDN solutions charge hundreds of dollars for origin shield. KeyCDN provides this for free.

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