Cloudflare Alternative CDN

Looking for a multi-CDN strategy or an alternative to CloudFlare? You can use most other CDN providers in combination with KeyCDN; either in a chained active-active state or as an active-standby configuration. KeyCDN is also a thorough replacement option as an alternative CloudFlare hosting implementation.

KeyCDN is a high-performance CloudFlare alternative

Either combine or replace the CloudFlare Hosting with KeyCDN to boost your assets to the next level.

DDoS Protection

KeyCDN implements security measures to provide you the best protection against distributed denial of service attacks. We mitigate attacks that hit your assets to assure reliability and integrity of the delivery process.

Free Custom SSL

The implementation of custom SSL certificates comes at no extra charges. The optimized SSL stack, which includes HTTP/2, OCSP stapling, high initial congestion window and strong ciphers, deliver your content fast to your customers.

Instant Purge Technology

You can purge through the dashboard or the API. Our CDN API is based on REST and allows you to add, modify, delete or purge any configuration parameters, which makes it a perfect CloudFlare alternative.

Simplicity in Real Time

The CDN management dashboard gives you analytical insights in real time. HTTP or cache status, live tail on your logs and currently delivered packets per seconds are just some of the available metrics.

CloudFlare hosting alternative with high-quality standards

We provide you with the fastest CDN solution that you can fully control to complement CloudFlare's hosting service.

KeyCDN can make a great CloudFlare alternative mainly due to the many additional features you don't get with CloudFlare's free plan. KeyCDN has no limits on max upload or max cache sizes, where as CloudFlare limits you to 100MB and 512MB. KeyCDN includes secure token, origin shield, custom SSL, wildcards for subdomains, push zones, and raw logs for free. None of these advanced CDN features are included in CloudFlare's free plan. There are also no limitations on edge cache expiration and analytics are in real-time as opposed to only being updated every 24 hours.

Cloudflare Alternative - Multi-CDN Solution

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