Cloudflare CDN alternative

We offer the option for a powerful multi-CDN or a complete Cloudflare replacement.

Looking for the right provider to add to your multi-CDN strategy or a complete Cloudflare alternative? Our content delivery network can be easily used in conjunction with Cloudflare, supplementing previously unavailable features while improving performance and reliability, or completely replace it.

KeyCDN implements security measures to provide you the best protection against distributed denial of service attacks. We mitigate attacks to ensure high reliability and integrity of the delivery process. This means no need to define your own custom DDoS rules, we do this automatically in the backend so that you can focus on what matters most.

You can easily purge your content through the dashboard or our RESTful API. Our CDN API allows you to add, modify, or delete any configuration parameters, which makes it a perfect Cloudflare alternative.

Instant purge

Purge the entire cache or individual content from all edge servers instantaneously.

DDoS protection

Unlimited distributed denial of service protection for all edge server traffic.

Custom TLS certificate

Use any custom TLS certificate for all HTTPS requests at no additional cost.

Our CDN management dashboard gives you analytical insights in real time. HTTP or cache status and packets delivered are just some of the available metrics. Moreover, you can also export your raw logs to a log management solution for even further processing.

The implementation of custom TLS certificates comes at no extra cost and is available on each account. Our optimized TLS stack, which includes HTTP/2, OCSP stapling, high initial congestion window and strong ciphers, offers fast and secure content delivery to your users.

Instead of focusing on such a large number of available data centers we have chosen to have fewer, higher performing locations. This has actually improved the cache hit ratio, which improves the overall performance and reduces the origin server load.

Low pricing

Benefit from pay as you go billing and volume pricing as low as $0.01/GB.

Fast platform

Configuration updates only take a few minutes to be deployed across the globe.

No commitment

No contract required, allowing traffic volume to scale up or down at any time.

Get started for free

Try KeyCDN with a free 14 day trial, no credit card required.

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