CDN Storage Cloud

Do you have large files that need to be accelerated? Get direct access to our backbone network to distribute your data at maximum transfer speed. Our CDN storage cloud is optimized for software distribution, HD video delivery or large static files.

Push Zones based on the CDN storage cloud

A high-speed backbone interconnect the CDN storage cloud with our edge servers.

Fast Synchronization

Securely upload your data to the CDN storage cloud. We support FTPS and rsync over SSH based on certificates to upload your files. Rsync has the advantage to automate the synchronization process.

Storage Cost

Uploading your content is free of charge. You pay only for per GB hosted and traffic delivered from the edge servers. Interconnect traffic from the CDN storage cloud to the edge servers is free. The price per GB decreases with increasing volume.

Fast Push Technology

The edge servers are interconnected with the storage cloud, which guarantees fast distribution to your clients. Your origin server is totally exonerated and can use its resources for other important tasks.

Optimized Delivery

Push Zones are instances that have been optimized on best practice guidelines. Optimal expire header settings, ETag handling or byte range request support provides an excellent user experience to your customers.

Reliable & secure CDN storage hosting

Outsource your large files into the CDN cloud to maximize the delivery to your customers.

Utilizing CDN storage can be a great cost effective way to handle the delivery of your large files as you pay only for per GB hosted and traffic delivered from the edge servers. You can store as many files as you want. Interconnect traffic from the storage cloud to the edge servers is completely free. This is perfect for those of you on non-dynamic web hosting who are running static websites, software distribution, and delivering HD and 4K video content. With KeyCDN's CDN storage cloud you can easily manage your files via FTPS and synchronize content with rsync over SSH.

CDN Storage Cloud

Got large files to distribute?