Comparing CDN Providers

Comparing CDN providers can be difficult. When you look closer at each CDN, their core competencies are vastly different. Akamai, CloudFront, CloudFlare, Limelight, Yottaa or KeyCDN. They are all different in terms of features, pricing, network and even have a different company culture.

How to choose the right CDN provider for your needs

You need more than just a simple content delivery service.

Point of Presence

Determine where your customers are located globally and define based on that information what geographical locations are a must for your web project.

Advanced Features

The needs of today require more than just a simple content delivery service. HTTPS is a must. Features such as HTTP/2, OCSP stapling or secure tokens assure best security at speed.

Real-time Interaction

You need real-time statistics and logs to continuously improve the performance metrics for your web application to have the best user experience possible.


Transparency is important for a close relationship between a CDN provider and customers. Transparent communication and service status reporting are crucial for this.

KeyCDN, a provider built for high performance

Using a content delivery network has never been easier.

CDN Providers

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