CDN Hosting

Utilize our leading platform to provide your customers with an exceptional user experience. We built our CDN hosting solution from the ground up with ease and simplicity in mind. We are a strong partner for web agencies and hosting resellers.

Benefits of Reselling to your Customers

You get a dedicated engineer who reviews and knows your setup.

Instant & Real Time

Instantly purge any cached assets either in the dashboard or through the fully featured API. Traffic statistics and raw logs are available in real time. Provision any zone configuration quickly on our CDN platform.

Powerful Features

Origin Shield, HTTP/2, Custom SSL and many other features assure the best performance on the web. You get access to all our innovative features at no extra cost.

Global Network

Our strategically positioned servers around the globe supercharge your assets. More than 25 locations build strong presence for lower latency and higher throughput.

Simple Pricing

We offer transparent content delivery rates and we do not charge extra for our advances features. Custom SSL comes for free as well as our free SSL with Let's Encrypt.

Flexible API to Allow an Easy Integration

A RESTful API designed to have predictable and resource-oriented endpoints.

Whether you are a web agency or web hosting reseller, KeyCDN provides phenominal CDN hosting at a fraction of the price. This in turn allows you to pass on the savings to your customers or clients, or even the flexibility to charge extra for this service as an add-on. Packaging your product, service, or web application with a CDN can help increase conversions and brandability as customers will feel reassured that their content will be delivered fast around the globe. Combining KeyCDN's CDN hosting with your current platform using our RESTful API is a combination for success.

KeyCDN API for CDN hosting integration

Easy CDN Hosting built for you!