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Why is having a CDN Europe presence important to us? Europe has more than 570 million Internet users, which is over 79% of the population (Internet Live Stats). In 2015 Western Europe's IP traffic grew by 15%. Central and Eastern Europe's IP traffic grew by 22% (Cisco VNI Report). Here are a few other interesting statistics about Internet usage in Europe:

  • Europe accounts for 19% of all Internet users.
  • Ecommerce contributed to European GDP by €639.5 billion.
  • Over 65% of Internet users are connecting through mobile devices.

Europe is a large continent, spanning over 10.18 million square kilometers and containing 50 countries. With that in mind, our POPs are widely distributed across the continent for great coverage and decreased latency.














It is imperative that we maintain a 100% uptime rate to ensure that your content is always properly delivered from the nearest POP. That is why our content delivery network is built on IP anycast and our latency based routing technology.

Our infrastructure in Europe has been built with performance in mind. We only partner with leading data center providers that are reliable and secure. We use premium hardware and have 100% SSD coverage. Regardless of where your users are located in Europe, KeyCDN will deliver content from the nearest available POP at lightning speed for a frictionless user experience.

We currently have active data centers in Amsterdam, Bucharest, Frankfurt, Helsinki, London, Madrid, Milan, Oslo, Paris, Stockholm, Vienna, Warsaw, and Zurich.

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