CDN Comparison

What makes KeyCDN different from other CDN providers? CDN comparison or evaluation can be quite difficult due to different feature sets and technology used. Our content delivery solution is not just easy to use; it also offers powerful features and a simple pay-as-you-go pricing model.

How KeyCDN is different compared to other CDNs

We offer a new kind of CDN experience to allow simple acceleration of any web content.

Everything in Real Time

KeyCDN has been engineered to meet today's requirements of a complex IT landscape. A new zone is globally ready in just a few minutes. Raw logs are available in the dashboard in absolute real time. Newly pushed content is available instantly.

CDN Price Comparison

We offer simple and transparent delivery rates, which makes the cost for your expected bandwidth per month very predictable and transparent. Each account goes without a subscription or package but still profits from volume dependant discounts.

High CDN Performance

Our platform has been built by our CDN engineers with focus on CDN performance. A customized TCP stack and 100% SSD optimized edge servers is standard. Our routing is highly optimized based on IP Anycast, geolocation routing incl. EDNS client subnet support and latency based routing (LBR).

CDN Technology

We provide you with advanced content delivery technologies such as HTTP/2, Origin Shield, OCSP stapling or real-time raw log forwarding. We are passionate about constantly improving our CDN technology stack to assure an exceptional user experience.

CDN Price Comparison

KeyCDN does not charge extra for any advanced feature - pure pay-as-you-go (PAYG).

When doing a CDN comparison it is important to keep in mind that KeyCDN is totally transparent about its prices and has no hidden fees. All regions are included for customers (this includes Asia, Australia, and South America). Every advanced CDN feature offered is included for free. This includes secure token, origin shield, SSL certificates, HTTP/2, HPACK compression, hotlink protection, raw log forwarding and real-time analytics. KeyCDN keeps it simple so you can start turbocharging the delivery of your content in just a few minutes without worrying about dealing with complicated pricing plans.

Last Update: 07/2017 (US bandwidth)
Cost Per 1TB Cost Per 5TB Cost Per 10TB
KeyCDN $40 $200 $400
MaxCDN $79 $299 $499
Cloudfront $85 $425 $850
Soft Layer $120 $600 $1,200
Fastly $120 $600 $1,200
Edgecast $450 $1,500 $1,790
Akamai $350 $1,750 $3,500

Note that some CDN providers charge additional for HTTP requests or territories.

Free SSL For All

KeyCDN is one of the only CDN providers offering free SSL certificates with Let's Encrypt Integration.

Free SSL Certificate with Let's Encrypt

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