CDN comparison

We offer an easy and affordable way to accelerate any type of content.

A CDN comparison can be quite difficult due to the different technology used and available features. What makes KeyCDN different from other CDN providers? Our content delivery network uses the highest performing technology, consists of extremely optimized hardware, and has many robust features.

With KeyCDN, all regions are included for customers (this includes Asia, Australia, and South America). Almost every advanced feature is offered for free. This includes things like secure token, origin shield, SSL certificates, HTTP/2, Brotli support, HPACK compression, hotlink protection, real-time analytics, and much more. KeyCDN keeps it simple so you can start turbocharging the delivery of your content in just a few minutes without worrying about dealing with complicated pricing plans.

When doing a CDN comparison, it's important to take the CDN's network into consideration. Our highly optimized network of edge servers are distributed across the entire globe to provide our customers with worldwide coverage. With a continuously expanding collection of POP locations, cutting-edge feature releases, and top notch customer support, KeyCDN is a great choice whether you're running a small startup or a top 10 website.

On top of all this our pricing is transparent and affordable to ensure no surprise costs and to keep expenses low. We have combined all of this into a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to get started in minutes.


1 TB
5 TB
10 TB
KeyCDN $40 $200 $400
Akamai $350 $1,750 $3,500
Azure $81 $405 $810
CacheFly $100 $500 $1,000
CloudFront $85 $425 $850
Fastly $120 $600 $1,200
Last updated October 2018 (North America)

Low pricing

Benefit from pay as you go billing and volume pricing as low as $0.01/GB.

Fast platform

Configuration updates only take a few minutes to be deployed across the globe.

No commitment

No contract required, allowing traffic volume to scale up or down at any time.