We are looking for smart and enthusiastic people to help us build a world-class CDN.

KeyCDN is a content delivery network headquartered in Switzerland. We are a privately funded company that has engineered our infrastructure from the ground up. There are no investors to please, allowing our primary focus to remain where it should be, making our network as fast and reliable as possible.

Outcome-oriented culture

We strongly value a positive working environment where talent can thrive.

International team

Diverse origins with team members based out of many different countries.

Pride in your craft

Enjoy the work that you do and be proud of the impact that your skills have.

Our global footprint is vast with 34 data centers spread across 6 continents. It is imperative that we expand our network where true value can be added and performance can be enhanced. We are looking for talented individuals that have the passion and initiative to help us improve and grow our network.

Remote first company

Geographical restraints are a problem of the past allowing you to work from any location.

Flexible vacation time

Take time off when needed as we highly value a healthy work-life balance.

Continued learning

We invest in your education in the constantly changing IT landscape.

Sorry, there are no vacancies at this moment.
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