Free WordPress CDN Enabler Plugin

By Peter Meier
Updated on March 23, 2018
Free WordPress CDN Enabler Plugin

KeyCDN has launched a new CDN plugin for WordPress sites called CDN Enabler. It's a lightweight plugin that can be integrated into any WordPress site. It's freely available and a setup is completed within minutes.

The functionality of WordPress CDN Enabler

The plugin offers all essential features in order to seamlessly integrate a CDN into a WordPress site. Here's a brief feature overview:

  • Load assets from a CDN: Define an URL of your choice (no restrictions at all).
  • Enable or disable CDN for HTTPS: We recommend to enable it.
  • Define exclusions: Any file type or directory can be excluded, such as .php or wp-content/themes.
  • Set included directories: A directory listed here will be served from the CDN.
  • Supports Bedrock

There are already a number of WordPress caching plugins available but our goal was to make this CDN plugin straightforward and easy to use. Most of the WP caching plugins are rather complicated and not all features are freely available or even required at all. The WordPress CDN Enabler is completely free and simple to use.

The plugin requires PHP >=5.2.4 and WordPress >=3.8.

Add WordPress Cache Enabler plugin

We recommend the WordPress Cache Enabler plugin. It can be enabled in addition to CDN Enabler in order to cache your blog on your servers local disk. This will significantly improve the performance of your WordPress site.

Let us supercharge your WordPress site!

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