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Google PageSpeed Service Alternatives

Google PageSpeed Service Alternatives

Google announced the turndown of their PageSpeed Service and now is the time to look into alternative solutions. There are two reasonable alternatives to the PageSpeed Service. After 4.5 years of service, the PageSpeed Service team regretfully decided that the time had come to re-focus their efforts elsewhere and on 5th May announced that PageSpeed Service will be turned down. If you are using PageSpeed Service, you must change your DNS before 3rd August 2015 or your site(s) will become completely unavailable on that date.

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Parallel Downloads Across Domains

Parallel Downloads Across Domains

Parallel downloads are simply multiple downloads that take place concurrently across multiple domains hosted by one host. The main benefit of parallel downloads is reducing download time when downloading many resources. It is important to note that web browsers aren't designed to allow parallel downloads. Typically, web browsers limit the number of concurrent connections made to a host. Commonly they are limited to 6 concurrent transfers. This results in a backlog of resources when there are many assets waiting to be downloaded.

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HTTP/2 - What Does It Mean for a CDN?

As the Internet evolves, so do the protocols that govern its operation. KeyCDN announced support for SPDY in 2014, which was a big improvement in terms of speed, but Google's update to drop SPDY heralds the start of the next big protocol change. One of the latest protocols is HTTP/2, which aims to address the shortcomings of its predecessor, HTTP/1.1. This new protocol is intended to enable faster and more efficient data transfer between web servers and browsers.

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KeyCDN Tools - Analyze Website Speed and Performance

KeyCDN Tools provide you a set of online checks to analyze your website or identify connectivity issues. The tools simplify the problem resolution process of your web projects. This article describes KeyCDN Tools in more detail and shows how you can benefit from them. Overview Here are some of the free web tools available that can be used: Website Speed Test: Full page speed check to test how fast your website is loading from different locations.

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CDN Performance - Measure with WebPageTest

Customers sometimes ask us how to measure the performance improvement after migrating to KeyCDN. This post is about how to easily and conveniently measure the performance of a website. CDN performance measured by WebPageTest The best known website for website performance testing is WebPageTest. It offers performance tests from many locations worldwide with different browsers to choose. Once you have migrated to KeyCDN, WebPageTest will automatically recognize the CDN and display it accordingly.

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