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Continuous Integration Tools - Leading Solutions

Continuous Integration Tools - Leading Solutions

Just a little more than a decade ago, development cycles were very different than they are today. Developers worked more independently, and they were often responsible for their own builds. Integration of the end product's various features didn't happen until the end of the cycle. In hindsight, that sounds counter-intuitive considering all that can go wrong during the integration process. Such unforeseen challenges frequently created chaos for production schedules. It makes more sense for developers working together on one project to continuously integrate their code into a shared repository, and then address issues as they arise.

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TypeScript Tutorial - An Introductory 9 Part Guide

TypeScript Tutorial - An Introductory 9 Part Guide

JavaScript's universal browser support and dynamically typed nature makes it an ideal universal web language. However, as any developer who comes from an object-oriented background knows, JavaScript's flexibility can become a liability as applications grow larger and larger. That's why Microsoft created TypeScript to help developers produce better JavaScript utilizing the principles of object-oriented programming. In this article, we're going to go over what exactly TypeScript is as well as show you how to get started in using it.

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The Pros and Cons of 8 Popular Databases

Databases store information and its contents can be everything from product catalogs to repositories of customer information. For information to be easy to access, use and understand, database management systems are required. Database management systems can help sort information as well as link databases to each other and provide reports about changes and trends in the information in databases. In this post, we'll go over some of the most popular databases currently used and outline the pros and cons of each.

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A Comprehensive Overview of webpack

As the line between websites and web apps has continued to erode, the possibilities and challenges for developers have subsequently evolved. Since web apps are greatly dependent on JavaScript, the client side is having to handle more and more. One of the best ways to manage the additional load is to use a module system, such as webpack. Module systems make it easier for developers to keep things organized, and they ensure that content is delivered quickly and efficiently to users.

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Choosing a PHP Code Generator - 6 Popular Solutions

PHP code generators are programs that automatically generate code based on settings and parameters that you choose. The benefit of using a code generator is that they can allow you to save time and money. Coding with the purpose of accomplishing a particular task can be done either manually, or in certain cases, through the use a generator. Creating code manually can be time-consuming and result in errors. When a good generator is being used, the code can be created in minutes, and you can be near certain that it will run as intended.

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Choosing the Best FTP Client in 2017

While most web hosting dashboards try to make managing files as straightforward as possible, a good file transfer protocol client can help simplify the job for serious web developers. Furthermore, there are certain cases where a solid FTP client is required such as the case when uploading data to a KeyCDN Push Zone. FTP clients allow users to quickly download, upload or update website files without having to navigate endless dialog boxes.

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Gulp vs Grunt - Comparing Both Automation Tools

Automation tools are great for saving time and avoiding human error. They allow us to offload mundane tasks and can usually end up doing these tasks faster and with better precision. Two tools that are known to be quite effective in performing automated tasks are Gulp and Grunt. In this post, we're going to go over exactly what Gulp and Grunt are used for as well as compare both tools to see which differences and similarities they share.

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Best IDE Software - A List of the Top 10

Whether you're a seasoned developer or you're just learning how to code, staying on top of the latest integrated development environments is a constant challenge. Truthfully, there is no best IDE for everyone. The best IDE is the IDE that works best for you, so below is a selection of 10 of the most popular choices to help you figure out which one to pick. How is an IDE different from a text editor?

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Top 10 Log Analysis Tools - Making Data-Driven Decisions

We live in a time where data is recorded and logged for just about everything. Whether it is for web server uptime, JavaScript errors, database queries, CDN traffic, Nginx errors, etc. You name it, and you can probably log it. In a previous post, we discussed the importance of integrating a log management service into your DevOps workflow. Having centralized logs can be great, but you also need to be able to analyze them efficiently.

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Top 10 Website Monitoring Tools

There is nothing worse then your website going down and you hearing about it from someone else. As a CDN provider, we take downtime very seriously. Downtime could affect your company or brand in a lot of different ways such as lost sales, a bad first impression for new customers, customer loyalty, and your overall reputation. Today we want to dive into the top 15 website monitoring tools to help you stay on top of your website's uptime and ensure that your site is online and running 24/7 without a hitch.

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