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Responsive Images - Serve Scaled Images

Responsive Images - Serve Scaled Images

Responsive image techniques, such as the srcset, sizes, and media HTML attributes, allow different scaled images to be delivered based on the size and resolution of the accessing device. This allows you to further optimize your image delivery to improve the overall performance of your website or application. Instead of taking a single image and only making it responsive with CSS, which is then delivered to all devices, you can deliver completely different images based on the requesting device.

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Image CDN - Speed up the Delivery of Your Most Important Asset

Image CDN - Speed up the Delivery of Your Most Important Asset

Images are an integral part of the web today and are used in all sorts of different ways. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, that is probably true, as long as they don't slow down your website to the point where you are losing visitors. When it comes to optimizing your website, images are generally the most important asset you should spend time on figuring out how to reduce in size and deliver in a more efficient way.

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KeyCDN Launches WebP Caching

WebP has become a popular image format. Therefore, we've developed a solution to even better integrate WebP into our service. We're happy to announce that WebP caching has landed! The new feature integrates into the existing CDN and is available to all customers. We offer both a one click solution with no change required on your origin server as well as an approach where you can deliver the WebP assets from your origin server.

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KeyCDN Launches Image Processing

We're thrilled to announce that we've added the Image Processing feature! This new feature is available to all customers, is fully integrated into our existing network, and allows comprehensive on the fly image transformation and optimization. Images can now be altered in real time with simple query parameters and will then be delivered by our CDN. It's no longer necessary to store several variations of the same image on your server.

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Icon Library Resources - Most Popular Sets

Icons are some of the most-used graphics in web and application design. They're so commonplace, in fact, that most non-designers take them for granted. For designers, though, icons are more than just graphical afterthoughts. They're guideposts that lead web visitors and app users through a complex set of interactions with their favorite sites and tools. Such icons might be flat in design terms, but they're certainly not lifeless. They're a crucial component of user experience, and designers must pick them with care.

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An Overview of Image Metadata - How It Affects Web Performance and Security

If your website's images are taking forever to load, the data dwelling behind them could be partially to blame. Even worse, this data could contain sensitive information that you don't want visitors to know. This guide will explain how to make sure your image metadata isn't weighing down your applications and leaving them vulnerable to exploitation. What is metadata? Metadata is any auxiliary information stored within a file, which may include when the file was created and last edited.

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What Is HEIF and Will It Replace JPEG?

As we continue to capture and share images in our daily lives, we're always looking for ways to improve the quality and efficiency of our photos. One solution that has emerged in recent years is HEIF, or High Efficiency Image Format. But what is HEIF, and will it replace JPEG as the standard image format? What is HEIF? In summer 2017, Apple announced its plans to adopt the high efficiency image file format, or HEIF, as its standard format for all images going forward.

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CDN SEO: Indexing Images in SERPs

SEO plays a very vital role when it comes to the success of your website, and a small part of that includes your images appearing in Google image search correctly. There is sometimes confusion about how a CDN handles images and so in this post we show you the best practices for indexing images in SERPs while using a content delivery network. Importance of images in SERPs From our experience, image search potential is always underestimated.

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Smart Image Compression with Optimus WordPress Plugin

Utilizing image compression is one of the quickest ways to increase your page speed and minimize the total size of your pages. And because of that, the team at KeyCDN has developed a WordPress plugin, Optimus, which focuses on lossless compression of PNG images and slightly lossy compression of JPEG images. According to a 2022 report from HTTP Archive, on average, 45 percent of a website's page weight is made up of images.

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Using SVG Images for Best Scalability

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) allows vector graphics to be displayed in the browser. As usual with vector graphics, color values and forms are not defined by pixels, but are mathematically described. SVG files thus have a very small file size, can be scaled losslessly and without increasing the file size, and can be animated or altered with JavaScript. SVG images can be compressed by Gzip. Another advantage of SVG images is that they can be compressed by Gzip.

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