KeyCDN Launches New POP in Switzerland

By Brian Jackson
Updated on January 23, 2018
KeyCDN Launches New POP in Switzerland

KeyCDN is dedicated to expansion throughout the globe and we are excited to announce our new point of presence (POP) in Zurich, Switzerland! The new POP is now in production and has been automatically added to all existing zones. This will further improve latency and throughput across Europe.

POP in Switzerland Speeds Up Content Delivery In Europe

KeyCDN is dedicated to providing a strong presence in Europe and this new POP in Switzerland will be our 10th location (23rd globally). The expansion of our CDN is an important move to achieve even lower latency and higher throughput. We have a direct connection to SWITCH, Google, Swisscom, SwissIX, Cablecom and 30 other providers in Switzerland. The POP is located in a premium SSAE 16-compliant data center in Zurich, Switzerland.

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According to Cedexis, this new POP in Switzerland has lowered latency on average by 22ms! The KeyCDN latency for end clients in Switzerland is now approximately 21ms.

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Switzerland currently has more than 7 million internet users, which is over 85% of the population. The growth of internet users in Switzerland has been between 3% and 5% in recent years and it is ranked 51st among the countries with the most Internet connections.

Pop in Switzerland - Internet Users
World Data Bank - Internet Users

How to Check if Content is Delivered From Zurich

Each POP adds the HTTP header X-Edge-Location to assets that are delivered. In this case, it will be chzh. The first two letters stand for the country TLD, the 3rd and 4th letter for the city. You can quickly check using Chrome Dev Tools or KeyCDN’s website speed test tool.

date:Mon, 21 Dec 2015 20:31:08 GMT
expires:Mon, 28 Dec 2015 20:31:08 GMT
last-modified:Sat, 02 May 2015 07:59:30 GMT
link:<>; rel="canonical"
strict-transport-security:max-age=31536000; includeSubdomains; preload

Overview of POPs Launched in 2015

As consumers and users demand quicker load times, providing our customers with continued expansion is very important to us at KeyCDN. As we wrap up 2015, here is a quick overview of POPs that have been launched over the course of this year.

What POP Will Be Next?

Several POPs have already been planned in various countries for 2016. Our Brazil POP will be next! This will allow us to extend our content delivery to users in South America. Check out our network map for more details. If you would like to request a POP in a certain location please let us know in our feedback and request forum.

Happy holidays!

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