Jenkins vs Travis – Comparing Two Popular CI Tools

jenkins vs travis

Continuous integration is now common practice, but not all CI tools are created equally. To be more precise, certain CI tools are better suited for certain types of projects. This guide will compare two of the most popular CI tools, Jenkins and Travis CI, to help you decide which one is preferable in specific situations.

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A 6 Part Introductory OpenSSL Tutorial

openssl tutorial

OpenSSL is among the most popular cryptography libraries. It is most commonly used to implement the Secure Sockets Layer and Transport Layer Security (SSL and TLS) protocols to ensure secure communications between computers. In recent years, SSL has become basically obsolete since TLS offers a higher level of security, but some people have gotten into the habit of referring to both protocols as “SSL.”

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KeyCDN’s WordPress Plugins are Now on GitHub

keycdn on github

KeyCDN loves giving back to the web performance community which is why we created 3 WordPress plugins that are directly related to making websites fasterCDN Enabler, Cache Enabler, and Optimus. Each of these plugins serves a different purpose however they all share the common goal of making websites perform better. We’ve gotten great response and feedback from our users since the launch of each plugin and now we’re happy to announce that each plugin is publicly available on GitHub.

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What Is a Headless CMS and Should You Be Using One?

headless cms

According to Forrester’s 2015 Global Business Technographics Software Survey, more than 70 percent of North American companies either use or plan to use a content management system in some capacity. Unfortunately, traditional CMS tools provide little flexibility when it comes to integrating new delivery formats. Consequently, introducing mobile or IoT functionality to your application architecture can present challenges, which is why more developers are choosing to go headless.

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Perfect Forward Secrecy – Why You Should Be Using It

perfect forward secrecy

Perfect Forward Secrecy, which is sometimes just referred to as Forward Secrecy, is a method of ensuring that all transactions sent over the Internet are secure. This method of encryption prevents a hacker from being able to access data from a group of transactions even if they’re able to hack the encryption for a single communication sent over the web.

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KeyCDN Launches New POP in Taiwan

pop in taiwan

KeyCDN is dedicated to expansion throughout the globe and we are excited to announce our new point of presence (POP) in Taipei, Taiwan! The new POP is now in production and has been automatically added to all existing zones. This will further improve latency and throughput within Asia.

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20 Best Practices for Improving JavaScript Performance

javascript performance

JavaScript is an integral part of practically every webpage, mobile app and web-based software. While JavaScript’s client-side scripting capabilities can make applications more dynamic and engaging, it also introduces the possibility of inefficiencies by relying on the user’s own browser and device. Consequently, poorly written JavaScript can make it difficult to ensure a consistent experience for all users.

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Functional Programming – What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

functional programming

While the concept has been around for quite some time, functional programming finally came from out of obscurity to the forefront of the JavaScript community a few years ago. Developers of large applications now regularly incorporate its principles into their codebase. If you’re new to functional programming, this guide will get you up to speed.

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Absolute vs Relative Path – Which Should You Be Using?

relative path

Creating and keeping up with web links can be a challenge, especially if you don’t understand the difference between absolute and relative paths. These conflicting approaches to connecting webpages can have a significant impact on a website’s performance and SEO value. This guide will explain the two types of links and help you determine the right path for any situation.

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