Using Google Lighthouse To Enhance Progressive Web Apps

google lighthouse

As part of its effort to support progressive web apps, which offer a growing number of complex features, Google created Google Lighthouse to establish standards for today’s web. With innovation accelerating at an ever increasing pace, new developers sometimes feel as though they are drifting in the dark when it comes to optimizing their websites. Google Lighthouse hopes to serve as a beacon to guide developers in a direction that is best for all users.

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Essential Application Performance Management Tips and Tools

application performance management

As an application’s architecture grows, so does the risk of a component potentially malfunctioning. Working with a massive team of developers and administrators should theoretically ensure a well-oiled machine, but people make mistakes too, so it’s helpful to a have automated tools that continually monitor all of the moving parts. That’s why we have application performance management tools.

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TypeScript Tutorial – An Introductory 9 Part Guide

typescript tutorial

JavaScript’s universal browser support and dynamically typed nature makes it an ideal universal web language. However, as any developer who comes from an object-oriented background knows, JavaScript’s flexibility can become a liability as applications grow larger and larger. That’s why Microsoft created TypeScript to help developers produce better JavaScript utilizing the principles of object-oriented programming.

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OOCSS – The Future of Writing CSS


As web projects grow, managing CSS can quickly become challenging if you don’t put any forethought into how the code should be structured. Fortunately, some smart developers have come up with several methodologies to help programmers write CSS that is succinct and easy to maintain. Object oriented CSS, or OOCSS, is one such approach that can be applied on its own or combined with other methodologies like SMACSS and BEM to impose order on naturally disordered CSS.

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9 Best Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

best chrome extensions

If you’re a web developer, you probably spend a lot of time in Chrome. Since it’s the most popular web browser with a 44.5% market share, you’re liable to constantly use it to preview web pages that you’re working on. If Chrome is your default browser, you can make your life easier by using the best Chrome extensions for web development.

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Progressive Web Apps The Right Way

progressive web apps

Since progressive web apps were introduced by Google back in 2015, they have been setting new standards for user experiences. While we are awaiting broader browser support, all developers should start learning how to take advantage of this exciting new way of building apps.

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KeyCDN Now Supports Stale-While-Revalidate & Stale-If-Error

stale while revalidate

KeyCDN is happy to announce that we now support both stale-while-revalidate and stale-if-error extension Cache-Control directives. Both of these directives aim to further improve content delivery performance by delivering stale assets to users in the event that assets need to be revalidated or if there is a problem fetching them.

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Improving Performance with Cache-Control: Immutable

cache control immutable

Cache-Control is an important HTTP header that allows you to define various directives letting browsers know how an asset should be cached. For example, if an asset has a large max-age, then the asset can be retrieved from the browser for a long period of time without making a request to the server. This means faster load times for the user.

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Scalability Testing – a How-To Guide and Checklist

scalability testing

You can build a web application that functions perfectly on your machine, yet if it doesn’t scale, a sudden influx of traffic could cripple your whole system. That’s why it’s important to have measures in place that allow your application to quickly scale in order to handle these spikes in traffic. This guide to scalability testing will help you overcome such growing pains.

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