Fix Leverage Browser Caching Warning

leverage browser caching

At some point in time when you are running speed tests with your website you will most likely encounter the all popular “leverage browser caching” warning in Google PageSpeed Insights. In this post, we are going to show you how to leverage browser caching in general as well as a couple of options on how to easily setup local analytics to fix this warning originating from Google’s analytics.js. We have also included a new way to more easily do this for those of you running WordPress.

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7 Tricks for Improving CSS Performance

css performance

Cascading style sheets can turn boring HTML documents into dynamic webpages, but haphazard use of CSS can cripple a website before it even starts rendering. This guide will cover some quick and easy ways to finetune your website’s CSS performance so that you can deliver content more quickly to your users.

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KeyCDN Launches New POP in Norway

pop in norway

Here at KeyCDN, our network continues to grow! We’re always looking for ways to improve our infrastructure and build a better global CDN service. That’s why today we’d like to announce that we’ve just launched a new point of presence (POP) in Oslo, Norway! The new POP is in production and has been automatically added to all existing zones.

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The 10 Best Development Conferences in Europe

best web development conferences

Web conferences are always a great place to network with other like-minded individuals as well as learn about new technologies and best practices. There is a large collection of web conferences happening around the world. Some are more specific in terms of topics they cover and speakers they host, while others are broader and appeal to a wider range of web development groups.

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KeyCDN Launches HTTP/2 Push Support

http2 push

The ability to push assets to a browser before it even knows that it needs them was one of the abilities that HTTP/2 introduced. This is known as HTTP/2 Server Push, which can be quite useful in minimizing the number of round trips, and thus overall wait time, incurred by a visitor. Today, we’re excited to announce that KeyCDN now supports HTTP/2 Push.

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An Overview of Image Metadata – How It Affects Web Performance and Security

image metadata

If your website’s images are taking forever to load, the data dwelling behind them could be partially to blame. Even worse, this data could contain sensitive information that you don’t want visitors to know. This guide will explain how to make sure your image metadata isn’t weighing down your applications and leaving them vulnerable to exploitation.

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Defining and Improving Website Load Testing

load testing

Before launching a website, you want to be sure it can handle the expected level of activity without slowing down or crashing. Load testing allows you to see how your site will perform under “real world” conditions and helps you identify areas where changes need to be made to avoid unexpected problems when the site goes live.

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Optimizing React Performance – 12 Tools and Tips

react performance

Many front-end developers love React because it streamlines the process of performing UI updates, but React apps of substantial size can sometimes become laggy. Sadly, adding a front end library such as React doesn’t instantly improve an app’s performance. React must be properly configured.

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6 Popular Headless Browsers for Web Testing

headless browsers

How do you know if the user interface (UI) of a website you’re developing works as it should and the site as a whole delivers the optimal user experience (UX)? Headless browsers give you a fast, lightweight way to automate high-level actions and get an idea of how well your site operates in common scenarios.

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