An Overview of the RAIL Performance Model

rail performance model

How do you measure web performance? Whether you care more about speed or image quality, you should always consider multiple metrics when optimizing your web apps. Fortunately, the RAIL model provides an accurate and comprehensive way to evaluate the user experience so that you can make meaningful improvements.

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Google PageSpeed Insights – Scoring 100/100 with WordPress

google pagespeed insights

Running speed tests with tools like Google PageSpeed Insights, WebPageTest, or KeyCDN’s site speed test are always a good way to help gauge your website’s performance. While these metrics can be very helpful it is also important to keep this data in perspective. While they can provide valuable information to help optimize your website, don’t forget about perceived performance, specifically the user’s experience. With that being said, see how we easily achieved a 100/100 score with WordPress and Google PageSpeed Insights.

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What Are Client Hints and Are They Worth Implementing

client hints

The concept of responsive web design has been around for a while, but all of the kinks have yet to be ironed out. The exponential proliferation of connected devices with varying software and technical capabilities has made it more and more difficult to cater web content to every single user.

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HTTP Cache Headers – A Complete Guide

HTTP cache headers

This article highlights important information on HTTP caching headers and associated CDN behavior. In case you are looking for in-depth information on the role of HTTP cache headers in the modern web, here’s everything you need to know.

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Migrating Our Washington POP to New York

washington to new york

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve migrated our Washington POP location to New York. We’ve done this for a variety of reasons which we’ll further discuss in this article. However, we’re happy to say that the migration process went smoothly and that all customers will now automatically be able to begin delivering content from our stronger POP in New York.

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Fix Leverage Browser Caching Warning

leverage browser caching

At some point in time when you are running speed tests with your website you will most likely encounter the all popular “leverage browser caching” warning in Google PageSpeed Insights. In this post, we are going to show you how to leverage browser caching in general as well as a couple of options on how to easily setup local analytics to fix this warning originating from Google’s analytics.js. We have also included a new way to more easily do this for those of you running WordPress.

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7 Tricks for Improving CSS Performance

css performance

Cascading style sheets can turn boring HTML documents into dynamic webpages, but haphazard use of CSS can cripple a website before it even starts rendering. This guide will cover some quick and easy ways to finetune your website’s CSS performance so that you can deliver content more quickly to your users.

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