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CDN OCSP Stapling

CDN OCSP Stapling

HTTPS is ubiquitous these days and plays a crucial role in making the web safer and more private. We encourage our customers to use HTTPS whenever possible (check out our feature "Force SSL"). Now that everyone is using HTTPS, we don't want to scarify any performance for a safer connection. We at KeyCDN are passionate about offering best performance not only for HTTP but also for HTTPS. Our mission is to make the web faster and more secure.

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Best SEO for Your CDN

Best SEO for Your CDN

Search engine crawlers (also known as bots or spiders) scan your website whether you like it or not. They scan pretty much everything that's available, which is normally a good thing. Why is SEO with CDNs so important? As you start using a CDN, your content can appear from different domains. Nothing wrong about that as long as the search engines have clarity about your content. If the content is not clearly declared, they will penalize you for duplicate content.

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Using CORS with a CDN

CORS stands for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing and is an essential component when files (e.g. fonts or JavaScript) are loaded from another domain (e.g. a CDN) other than the website. In this article we show you how to use CORS with CDN. Especially Firefox (FF) and InternetExplorer (IE) are causing problems when CORS is not handled correctly. FF and IE are considering requests to CDNs as "cross-domain" requests and won't load them unless it is explicitly stated in the HTTP header.

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CDN SSL: 4 Simple Steps to Integrate Your SSL Certificate

KeyCDN offers custom HTTPS CDN SSL integration for free. A Custom SSL is also known as Private SSL. This article is about how to get and deploy an SSL certificate (cert) for your own domain. If you already have an SSL certificate, you can use it and don't need to order a new one. CDN Custom SSL is only needed if you want to use your CNAME in combination with HTTPS.

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CDN Performance - Measure with WebPageTest

Customers sometimes ask us how to measure the performance improvement after migrating to KeyCDN. This post is about how to easily and conveniently measure the performance of a website. CDN performance measured by WebPageTest The best known website for website performance testing is WebPageTest. It offers performance tests from many locations worldwide with different browsers to choose. Once you have migrated to KeyCDN, WebPageTest will automatically recognize the CDN and display it accordingly.

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SSL CDN: Free Custom SSL for Your CDN

HTTPS ensures secure communication over the Internet. We offer three options when it comes to an SSL CDN: Shared SSL, Custom SSL with your own certificate, and custom SSL with Let's Encrypt. All methods offer the same security standard and come for free! Yes, even Custom SSL comes for free if you bring your own certificate. Shared SSL CDN Shared SSL is ideal to get started within minutes. You only need to enable the option in the dashboard and you're ready to go.

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CDN Traffic - How Is Your Traffic Charged?

KeyCDN uses a credit system, which introduces a higher level of abstraction and allows to deduct credits for provided services and delivered CDN traffic. The following services are subject to be charged against the credit balance: Outbound data from the KeyCDN edge locations. Storage hosted by KeyCDN (applies only to Push Zones). Image Processing if enabled. Log forwarding of the CDN raw logs. Traffic is billed in near real time and can be monitored in the KeyCDN dashboard.

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Cheap CDN - KeyCDN Provides You Transparent and Fair Pricing

KeyCDN is a cheap CDN and offers you one of the most affordable content delivery services on the market. Our mission is to provide you with the cheapest CDN solution and still guarantee high performance and excellent support. Low latency, high speed, and reliability is our passion. KeyCDN's smart solution provides you the features you need to instantly accelerate your web content around the globe. $0.04/GB transferred for European and North American traffic Pay as you go Origin Shield Free SSL with Let's Encrypt HTTP/2 Support Brotli Support 30+ CMS Integrations CDN provider comparison Here a cost calculation example with 5 TB transferred per month which illustrate the potential saving you could achieve with our CDN:

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