Free CDNs – Utilizing Open Source In Your Projects

free cdns

The team here at KeyCDN loves open source. We use a lot of open source software in our own projects and we also believe it is important to give back to the community to help make the web a better, faster, and more secure place. While there are a number of fantastic premium CDN solutions you can choose from there are also a lot of great free CDNs (open source) you can utilize to help decrease the costs on your next project. Most likely you are already using some of them without even knowing it. Check out some of the free CDNs below.

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KeyCDN Enables HTTP/2 HPACK Compression – Huffman Encoding

http/2 hpack compression

KeyCDN is excited to announce that as of this week we have enabled HPACK compression, which utilizes Huffman encoding, for all of you who are running over HTTPS on HTTP/2. This is now running on all of our edge servers and there is no configuration necessary on your part. HPACK compression reduces the size of your headers by over 30% on average. There is less data now being sent which in turn will increase your content delivery speeds. Read more below about how HPACK and Huffman encoding allow for further compression of binary data in your headers.

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Fastest CDN – Checklist to Find the Best CDN Solution

fastest cdn

A lot of people are always looking for the fastest CDN (content delivery network), after all, that is a big part of what a good content delivery solution is all about. However the fastest CDN might not always be the best solution for your business or website. There are a lot of different factors you should consider when shopping for a content delivery solution, speed is definitely one of them, but you also should be looking at a CDN provider’s latency, support, pricing, features, and even security. Check out our checklist below, which can help you make a more informed decision when choosing your next content delivery solution.

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Resource Hints – What is Preload, Prefetch, and Preconnect?

resource hints - preload, prefetch, preconnect

Today we are going to explore current resource hints and directives which can be another great way to boost the performance on your website or web application. You might have heard of preload, prefetch, and preconnect, but we want to dive deeper into the differences between them how how you can benefit from them. Some of the advantages of these is that they allow web developers to optimize delivery of resources, reduce round trips, and fetch resources to deliver content faster while a user is browsing a page.

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KeyCDN Launches New POP in Canada

pop in canada

KeyCDN is dedicated to expansion throughout the globe and we are excited to announce our new point of presence (POP) in Montreal, Canada! This is our first POP in Canada and your visitors in that location should immediately see a dramatic improvement in latency and throughput. The new POP is now in production and has been automatically added to all existing zones.

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Complete Guide on Magento Security

magento security

Magento is a very popular eCommerce platform used today that people choose to grow their online businesses. According to BuiltWith, over 22% of the top 100,000 eCommerce websites are using Magento, along with Magento Enterprise. It is known for being a very robust platform with a high level of functionality and customizability. As with any major platform, security concerns always present themselves as new vulnerabilities are constantly being discovered or exploited. Follow our complete guide below on what you can do to harden your Magento security and help prevent yourself from getting becoming a victim of the next brute-force attack or hacked.

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How to Improve Your YSlow Score

yslow score

When it comes to web performance and speed there are many different scoring tools and tests available to aid you in benchmarking your site. Tools such as WebPageTest, Pingdom, and GTMetrix all provide valuable insights into how fast your site loads and what you can do to make it better. Today we want to explore how to improve your YSlow score and applicable steps you can follow today to speed up your website.

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Hardening Your HTTP Security Headers

http security headers

There are a lot of things to consider to when securing your website or web application, but a good place to start is to explore your HTTP security headers and ensure you are keeping up with best practices. In many cases they are very easy to implement and only require a slight web server configuration change. HTTP security headers provide yet another layer of security by helping to mitigate attacks and security vulnerabilities. In this post we will explore some of them to help you better understand their purpose and how to implement them.

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21 Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate on Your Website

reduce bounce rate

When it comes to running a successful website you should always be looking at all the data. A very important factor that a lot of website owners, developers, and marketers overlook is their bounce rate. If you have a high bounce rate than most likely there is a cause for that such as your website is slow, it has bad navigation, HTTPS mixed-content warnings, unusable on mobile, etc. which are causing visitors to leave your website. By lowering this number it generally means that your website is better optimized for quality traffic and conversions. Check out these 21 ways to reduce bounce rate on your website.

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Harness the Power of WP-CLI to Manage Your WordPress Sites


WordPress is well known for being very user-friendly, and that is one of the reasons it has become one of the most popular content management systems on the web. But when it comes to managing multiple WordPress sites and repeating the same operations over and over again it can become quite a tedious task for developers. And that brings us to WP-CLI, a set of command line tools to help speed up the development process and accomplish tasks more efficiently and quickly. Many WordPress professionals use tools like ManageWP or WP Remote; WP-CLI is a powerful alternative of these tools specifically for developers!

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